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Issuance Date Changing for Some SNAP Recipients

July 31, 2013

MONTGOMERY- Beginning in August 2013, some Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients will see a change in the date their benefits are made available. Under the new issuance, benefits will be issued the 4th through the 23rd of the month with no issuance gap days. Previously, benefits were issued the 4th through the 18th of each month.
The change is being made to assist grocers in their efforts to maintain adequate supplies of all products and more importantly, healthier perishable products that must be delivered frequently. The amount of benefits received by SNAP recipients will not change.

SNAP recipients affected by the change will receive half of their SNAP benefits on the same date they received benefits in July. The remainder of their benefits will be available on their EBT card on their new date of issuance. Beginning in September, they will receive their full benefits on their new date of issuance each month.
All affected SNAP recipients were mailed a new issuance schedule by the Department of Human Resources. The issuance date is determined by the recipient's SNAP case number. Recipients whose issuance date does not change will continue to receive their benefits the same date they received them in July.

For a list of the new issuance dates based on case number please click on the following link.

New SNAP Issuance Dates

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