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DHR social worker named State Employee of the Year

June 8, 2012

TALLADEGA – The State of Alabama Personnel Department has selected Ms. Holly Painter, a social service caseworker in Talladega County, as the 2012 Alabama State Employee of the Year. An award ceremony was held Thursday, June 7th at the Talladega County Department of Human Resources to recognize Ms. Painter for her dedication to insuring the safety of children and her outstanding working relationship with community partners.

“I am very excited and overwhelmed, it was completely unexpected and I am very grateful to have won and be representing Talladega County DHR and the State of Alabama.” Stated Ms. Painter.

Ms. Painter, an employee of the Talladega County DHR since June of 2006, was nominated because she consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty as a child abuse and neglect investigator and has been described as a “calming force in the midst of crisis.” Ms. Painter is often “on call” and works after hours to ensure children are protected from further abuse and placed in a safe environment.

“We are very proud of Holly and the work that she has done.  It is a great honor to have one of our CA/N Investigators to receive the State Employee of the Year award,” said Talladega DHR County Director Nicole Parker.

The ceremony was attended by State Senator Jerry Fielding, DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner, local community partners, Talladega DHR employees, and members of Ms. Painter’s family. Brittany Crain with the State of Alabama Personnel Department presented the Employee of the Year Award and Senator Fielding presented Ms. Painter with a Senate Resolution of Congratulations.


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